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So what is Backdoor?...

To put simply, Backdoor is a browser based code editor. The concept is nothing new, as many developers are familiar with resources such as Koding or CodeAnywhere. The idea of coding anywhere is gaining popularity, especially with the new computing devices available today. The demand seems to be on the uprise. But services like this, although are great, are dependent on their servers and services. As a developer, I personally wanted something deployable on any server I had, something independent. This is what lead me to create Backdoor.

To demonstrate the use of this tool, I created this very landing page you're currently on, simply using Backdoor and nothing else. Assets were uploaded using the built in uploader, and the html and css were created with Backdoor.

Made with by Shannon Reca.


UPDATE v1.3:

UPDATE v1.2:

UPDATE v1.1:


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